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My Candelas

Launching of this new product

Côte Sud is pleased to announce the launching of a new product, that is definitely a perfect choice for the candle lovers. Wax candles with LED.
My Candelas artificial candles are a Patented Canadian Product a state of the art technology resulting in a product that simulates to perfection the glow and flicker of traditional candles.
With the acquisition of this artificial candles, everything will be advantages.

SAFETY: No fire hazard. It will not burn table coverings. Safe with children. Can be placed on any surface.

ECOLOGICAL: They are reusable candles. Do not produce smoke or toxic emissions. Compatible with rechargable batteries.

QUALITY: This decorative candles are made of real wax, not paraffin wax or plastic. They incorporate an advanced technology that delivers a perfect glow and a flicker so realistic that it is impossible to distinguish them from candles with authentic wicks.

VARIETY: Available in different formats and sizes, to satisfy our most strict customers.

Ideal for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in living-rooms, bedrooms, toilettes, spas, or any area of your home, being relaxed to leave them unattended, knowing they will never be extinguished and will never be a fire hazard.

You can find them in Côte Sud, as from today.

01/08/2014 - latest news